Miner's Base Camp



Based on the premise that there will not be mass marketing (aimed at locals vs. out of valley and/or State buyers), I believe there are three (3) elements of the marketing plan that will benefit the company, while providing valuable information to the public:

Miners Base Camp Generated and Maintained Marketing Sources:

  • Webpage

  • Brochure (print)

  • Business cards (print)

Optional (Social Media)

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Youtube (MBC Video)

  • Targeted emails to select employers/employees


  • Newspaper (Vail Daily) - realtor ads and sales print and media ads

  • Realtor Media Outlets (classifieds)

  • MBC Video

Miner's Base Camp Brochure Potential/Booklet 
Vail Daily - Print & Online Ad
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Social Media Outlets


New properties need a unique brand to attract buyers and establish a community identity. Through branding and creative strategy, we will be able to target audiences with our distinct development ideas.

With the digital age upon us, branding is an essential ingredient in any online marketing or traditional advertising campaign thus the real estate branding. No truer is this then when it comes to the fierce and competitive real estate development market. Even with real estate sales soaring across the globe, the business of building and selling properties can be tedious and challenging at best. With this in mind, a reputable and respected brand image can truly be a developer’s most valuable asset. Not only does the right branding campaign showcase a company’s unique values – it also helps establish credibility, recognition, and true professionalism across the board.

Logo Example

JSD headquarters are located in MInturn, CO

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