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I will work with you to figure out what services you need.
Never be afraid to ask for something not on the list. 

New Logo 

From scratch!

​Logo (incl. multiple file-types of logo)


Logo reconfigured for facebook thumbnail and/or cover page add


Logo Remake

Old stuff can be new again!

Updates existing logo using existing file


Remake existing file from scratch


*If file is of low quality, logo may have to be re-done from scratch. You can make a high resolution or big image small, but you can't make a low-resolution or small image big.


I prefer not to mess in/with existing webpages, but it doesn't hurt to ask!

Starting at $800. Includes eCommerce.

Update existing webpages (created by JSD)

Maintain webpage page

*Additional fees for registering domain name, etc. not included. Will vary depending on host fees. All host fees to be paid by client.

Photo Restoration

Fix Grandma's old pictures! 

Electronic image restoration


*If file is of low quality, photo may have to be re-scanned. You can't make a low-resolution or small image look clearer/less blurry, or better.

Event Poster

Prepared for print and/or web

With all text, logos and details provided

​Don't see it on this page? Just ask!

Ads for newspaper, magazine, or other​

Business: Creating e-forms or for print. Business cards, brochures, letterhead.... 

File modification (changing one file type into another)


Hourly rate.....................................  $75.00

Contact me for more information. 



I do not typically create content; it is assumed all content will be provided; HOWEVER, if there is something you need, please do not hesitate to request this service. Our staff is standing by to help you succeed.

Social Media

Facebook, Youtube*

Create facebook page

Update facebook page 


Maintain facebook page


Create YouTube page

​Update YouTube page

*While I don't normally Twitter or Google+, it doesn't mean I can't! I am here to help you.


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